The Impacts of the Coronavirus on the Georgia Economy website is a project sponsored by the Speedwell Foundation to document the far-ranging effects of the COVID-19 virus on the health and well being of the statewide economy and its residents.

We are a group of Georgia Tech students, mentored by faculty and under guidance of the Financial Services Innovation Lab. Our audience includes the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and the Georgia Regional Commissions, in addition to policy makers and the citizens of Georgia.

We document the effects of the virus on multiple sectors of the Georgia economy including healthcare, unemployment, sales tax, municipal bonds, transportation, transit, airlines, restaurants, hotels, public companies, real estate, construction and SBA Loans. Our data is regularly updated depending on the availability of the information. Beyond our webpages we also host the Covid Conversations podcast to help inform viewers and listeners from more perspectives than what the data provides, keep a running timeline of virus related events in Georgia, and a summary of the virus as it affects public schools in Georgia.

Data on this website is updated regularly, daily in some cases, to provide state residents and other interested parties with the knowledge to facilitate understanding and decision making in the current and post-Covid environment.


Alexandra Batko

Alexandra Batko isa fourth-year Business Administration student from Poland studying at Georgia Tech concentrating in Finance, with certificates in accounting and entrepreneurship. Alexandra previously worked in the mortgage and insurance industries, as well as most recently doing work in business analytics and revenue growth management. Her current work for the Georgia Covid-19 research effort consists of gathering data regarding the state of Georgia’s publicly traded companies, municipal bonds, and unemployment.

Connor Wood

Connor Wood is a BSBA graduate from Georgia Tech with a concentration in finance. Connor is from Jackson, Georgia and lived in Georgia his entire life. Connor provides financial analysis for the Georgia COVID-19 site that covers the airline industry, the restaurant industry, and small businesses. He enjoys researching these topics as they all pertain to his career interests. In his free time, Conner is working towards earning a commercial pilot license and enjoys slalom skiing.

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George Doyle

George Doyle is pursuing a Certificate in Heritage Preservation at Georgia State while graduating from Georgia Tech with Master of Science in Urban Design in 2020. George is working to better-understand how new real estate developments and redevelopments in urban areas impact their local communities and drive economic sustainability. Additionally, he is strategizing better ways to reduce transportation costs for people in these areas by emphasizing inclusively designed spaces that foster internal capture trips between places. George leads the production of the Covid Conversations podcast for the Georgia COVID-19 project.  Learn more about George Doyle’s academic and professional experiences at:

Mingshu Li

Mingshu Li is a PhD student in Civil and Environmental Engineering with a concentration in construction bid analysis. Her work involves quantitative analysis on construction engineering and management. She obtained a Master’s degree in Structural Engineering from Georgia Tech in 2018. Mingshu contributes to the Georgia COVID-19 site by gathering data on building permits, construction employment and spending, to get a better understanding of the impact of COVID-19 on construction industry.

Rachael Panik

Rachael Thompson Panik is a first year PhD student in the Civil and Environmental Engineering. An Alabama native, she relocated to Atlanta in May 2020. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and a master’s degree in City and Regional Planning from Clemson University; from there, she worked as a consultant for a multimodal transportation firm in South Carolina. Now, she studies road user safety and mobility for all travel modes, including bicycling, walking, and transit.
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Soniya Bhagat

Soniya Bhagat is a senior mechanical engineering student at Georgia Tech, also working towards certificates in Marketing and International Affairs. Soniya grew up in Savannah, GA and graduated high school from a visual and performing arts academy. She is currently working on several geospatial intelligence projects, which led her to the field of real estate. Soniya is interested in analyzing the current state of the real estate market by further studying location, availability of properties as well as key indicators.

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C.S. "The Stig"

He is tracking healthcare data and the coronavirus in Georgia. He believes electrical vehicles should be reserved for driving in space. He has a digital coronavirus test kit for an arm. He is the Stig!

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