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Movie Theater Industry October 27

Movie Theater Foot traffic From September 25th to October 9th, movie theater traffic increased by 1% year over year. However, as all 500 Cineworld locations shut down, expect for the next report for movie theater traffic to decrease again. This, along with more movies being delayed until next year, puts the movie theater industry in […]

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Movie Theater Industry- October 5th

When Tenet released in theaters back in early September, there was a small spike of movie theater traffic, pushing it up to 43% of yoy traffic. Since then, it has declined down to 38% – an 11% decrease. It seems that while Tenet was able to stir up some excitement for the movie industry, many consumers still remain uneasy about going. In response, Hollywood is continuing to delay film releases into 2021.

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Movie Industry-September 21st

Movie theater traffic is currently at around 44% of what it was pre-coronavirus. This is up more than 100% from where it was in mid April (20.75% of pre-corona traffic). With larger chain theaters opening up again, expect to see this number slowly increase as people begin to come back out for movies.

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Movie Industry-Comprehensive Report

This report covers the state of the industry prior to the pandemic, how it shut down, what Hollywood and business owners were able to do to compensate, when and how they decided to reopen, and how the release of Tenet might be what the industry needs to get back on track.

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