With more than 18,000 locations in Georgia, restaurants makeup a large part of the Georgia economy. Restaurants create 480,000 jobs and generate an estimated $22.9 Billion in sales annually, with every dollar spent contributing $1.97 of benefits to the Georgia economy.
Restaurant Reservations Year-Over-Year: GA vs US

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Restaurant Foot Traffic: Casual Dining vs. Fast Food

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Restaurant Industry November 2nd

Restaurant Reservations stayed relatively stable over the last two weeks, with a slight decline. Casual dining establishments averaged 78% capacity in the last two weeks. This is up 2% from the last two weeks. Bars are up a similar amount, climbing 3% over the last report to 85% capacity. Fast food remains unaffected, it is slightly (2%) above what it was last year.

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Restaurant Industry October 27th

Restaurant Reservations As of this week, restaurant reservations in Georgia are at 69% of what they were one year ago. This is a 10% lead over the national average where restaurant reservations are at 59% yoy. Two weeks ago, Georgia restaurant reservations were 5% lower on average then they are today. Casual Dining, Fast Food, […]

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Restaurant Industry – October 5th

Nationally, restaurant reservations climbed 1% over last week. In Georgia there was no real change in weekly restaurant reservations. It seems that for the moment this area has stagnated. Casual Dining and Bars recovered somewhat from last week, climbing 3% and 2% respectively. Fast food has remained unaffected.

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Restaurant Industry-Comprehensive Report

A historical context to the current state of the restaurant industry in Georgia. Restaurants make up a very significant portion of the Georgia economy. With more than 18,000 locations, restaurants create 480,000 jobs and generate an estimated $22.9 Billion in sales annually. We’ll cover the state of the industry in Georgia, and walk through every stage of the pandemic as the industry recovered to where it is today.

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Restaurant Industry-September 8th

Labor Day weekend was a huge weekend for fine dining restaurants, with Sunday reporting a massive influx of restaurant reservations. The national average jumped up to only being -14% below normal traffic, while GA specifically reported 4% over last year. The weekly average for the country climbed 6.8% last week, while Georgia’s weekly average climbed 7.5%.

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Restaurant Industry-August 31st

Restaurant reservations climbed by 2% this week nationally, with a .4% increase for the state of Georgia. Georgia seems to be rapidly approaching pre-coronavirus levels, one day only being 3/4ths of what it was the year before. Overall, reservations on the national and Georgia level are down approximately 47% of what they were last year.

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Restaurant Industry – August 24th

Restaurant Reservations are up significantly this week, 5% for the US as a whole and 2.24% in the state of Georgia. This coincides with a decrease of daily cases in the US, as the country continues to quell the virus, these numbers should continue to recover. Currently restaurant reservations are slightly more than 50% of what they were the year prior. Fine dining has been affected significantly more than the rest of the industry, with casual dining and bars recovered up to approximately 70% of what they were last year.

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Restaurant Industry August 10th

Restaurant Reservations Reservations numbers continued to climb this week, with a 3.4% weekly average increase for both the US and Georgia. The US numbers climbed from -59.3% to -55.8% and GA numbers climbed from -54.2% to -50.8% Despite rising coronavirus cases in the US, people are still going out to fine dining establishments.  Casual Dining, […]

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Restaurant Industry August 3rd

Restaurant Reservations Restaurant Reservations remain on the rise this week, with the weekly average for Georgia up 3.42% (from -57.7% to -54.2%). US restaurant reservations are also up this week, climbing 2.27% (from -61.57% to -59.3%). While the increase of reservations stats has slowed from when we first began analyzing it, this increase still stands […]

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