With more than 18,000 locations in Georgia, restaurants makeup a large part of the Georgia economy. Restaurants create 480,000 jobs and generate an estimated $22.9 Billion in sales annually, with every dollar spent contributing $1.97 of benefits to the Georgia economy.
Restaurant Reservations Year-Over-Year: GA vs US

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Restaurant Foot Traffic: Casual Dining vs. Fast Food

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Restaurant Industry-July 27th

Restaurant Reservations Reservations showed a slight increase this week in Georgia—climbing 1.24% over last week’s average, from being down 58.9% to 57.7%. The US average stayed stable this week, around 61% over last year. Casual Dining, fast Food, and Bars Casual Dining in the southeast saw a slight 1.3% increase this week, from being down […]

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Restaurant Industry-July 20th

Restaurant Reservations Restaurants have continued to stagnate, averaging approximately 59% for the last three weeks. While I initially postulated in last week’s article that restaurant reservations could be on the rise again, it appears that they haven’t increased at all. Reservation numbers do, however, operate on a cycle throughout a typical week, with a gradual […]

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Restaurant Industry-July 13th

Reservations Barring the abnormal spikes and dips, restaurant reservations have plateaued over the past two weeks. Similar to foot traffic for bars and casual dining, it seems that consumers are being a bit more cautious about their dining patterns due to the resurgence of COVID-19 cases. Since the abnormal spike and dip, it seems reservations […]

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Restaurant Industry-July 6th

Restaurant Reservations Another anomaly in restaurant reservations numbers this week, with Georgia seeing a sharp 27%yoy jump up July 3rd, followed by a steep drop of 31%yoy the following day. It is unsure whether this is from the uptick in corona cases in the US, from the holiday weekend, or a combination of both. Casual […]

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Restaurant Industry June 29th

Restaurant Reservations Another anomaly this week with reservations numbers. Starting June 18th, reservations for the state of Georgia and the US jumped up very rapidly, with Georgia approaching only a -20%yoy decrease in reservations on June 21st. After slowly climbing for the past three months, this jump 25% jump in reservations was certainly out of […]

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Restaurant Industry June 22nd

Restaurant Reservations As expected in last week’s report, the 20% decline in restaurant reservations was simply an outlier. Reservations continued to climb nationally and in Georgia at their previous paces after the June 14th anomaly. Georgia changed from -54%YoY to -45%YoY while the united states climbed from -65%YoY to -59%YoY. June 19th marked the first […]

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Restaurant Industry June 16th

Restaurant Reservations Sine the June 9th report, reservations have again increased nationally and statewide. Nationally reservations jumped from -74%YoY to -64%YoY; statewide reservations tell a similar story: -72%YoY to -54%YoY. On June 14th, the date of the most recent information as of the time writing this report, these numbers dropped from their peaks to -78%YoY. […]

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Restaurant Industry-June 9th

Restaurant Reservations As more states move toward opening up, restaurants around the company are opening up. Compared to last report in May 26th, restaurant reservations nationally improved from -85% YoY to -74% YoY. 43 states have either allowed restaurants to open for dine in or have plans to do so in the near future. Georgia […]

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Restaurant Industry-May 26th

Impact on the georgia Economy Restaurants are a major player of the Georgia economy, making up 18,403 eating and drinking locations in 2018. These locations accounted for $22.9B in sales and provide 488,400 food-service jobs in Georgia in 2019. According to the National Restaurant Association, in Georgia, every dollar spent in the table service segment […]

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Restaurant Industry-May 12th

Georgia Restaurants: Impact on the economy • 18,403 eating and drinking locations in 2018• 22.9B Estimated sales in 2018• 488,400 restaurant and foodservice jobs in Georgia in 2019 (11% of the state)• Every dollar spent in the table service segment contributes $1.97 to the state economy. U.S. Reservation Numbers Restaurants at this time are slowly […]

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