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TSA Checkpoint

It seems that every week a new milestone is reached by TSA checkpoint numbers. This week was the first time in 3 months that checkpoint numbers exceeded 500k, maxing out at 544k on June 14th. The trend is remaining relatively constant as well. At this current rate, it will take 151 days to reach half of its former capacity and 366 to regain full capacity.

The TSA is rolling out new guidelines as traffic increases. These guidelines primarily include marking the floor with social distancing stickers to keep travelers out of contact with each other. Additionally, travelers will now scan boarding passes themselves and carry-on food will have to be clear-plastic bagged and x-rayed. The TSA hasn’t set a date for when these changes will come into effect. They’ve come out and said that travelers should expect them by mid-June.

FAA Reports (Updated Monthly)

These numbers are unchanged since last week’s report. Average flights for the month of April averaged 680 per day, down 73% from April of last year and down 65% compared to the previous month. When numbers for May come out, expect to see a slow increase in flights, similar to the TSA numbers.


Delta Stock dropped steeply this week along with most of the market, after announcements from the Fed did little to reassure investors. June 8th closed at $36.97 while June 15th closed at $30.46 after dipping down to $27.00 on Friday June 11th. These changes constitute a 17% decrease from last week.

Delta and United have been cleared to resume flights to China twice a week, after a bit of squabble between the US and China. Delta will begin flights to China next week. Delta has also stated that they plan on adding 1000 more flights for the month of July.

In the news

Seven Things You Should Know About the TSA’s New Coronavirus Guidelines

By Kristen Boxman @ KWCH12

TSA Regional Spokesperson Mark Howell says these changes are made to allow passengers to take health precautions while maintaining a high level of security. “We’re taking into consideration not only the security piece where we want people to go through security screening, but we’re also taking everybody’s health into consideration, too,” Howell says, “and thinking about those things in terms of limiting interactions and allowing some additional things at the checkpoint.”

Delta To Add 1,000 Flights In July; Resuming China Flights Next Week

By SmarterAnalyst @ Yahoo! Finance

It revealed that it has implemented several measures to encourage extra space and has capped cabin seating at 60% in the main cabin and 50% in first class and blocking middle seats until the end of September.

Even with the modest growth in demand, Delta’s July schedule will be approximately 70% smaller than the same time last year, including reductions of about 65% for U.S. domestic travel and nearly 75% for international.

At the same time, Delta will now begin resuming its China service with two flights per week to Shanghai from Seattle and Detroit. The first flight is due to set off next week from Seattle, with weekly flights set for July. As required by the Chinese authorities, passengers will have their temperatures checked before departure.

U.S. Airlines Add Flights As Demand Increases, But Recovery Will Take Years


American Airlines on Thursday announced that it will increase the number of domestic flights next month. The airline said it is planning to fly more than 55% of its July 2019 domestic schedule next month after average daily passenger numbers increased from about 32,000 in April to more than 110,000 in late May.

Bucking the trend is Atlanta-based Delta, which announced on Friday that it will suspend operations to 11 U.S. markets beginning July 8.

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