Airline Industry June 29th

TSA Checkpoint

TSA Checkpoint numbers are still recovering at a steady rate as more people are beginning to travel this summer. June 22nd was the first day were traffic exceeded 600,000 in more than 3 months. At this rate of recovery, derived from a linear regression, expect to see pre-corona levels of traffic in 299 days.

The TSA still hasn’t changed any major protocols in response to the pandemic. Airlines for America, which represents many large carriers in the US, has requested that the TSA check passenger’s temperatures; however, the TSA hasn’t released any public statements about the matter.

FAA Reports

FAA released an email recently stating that it will not require people to wear masks, nor will it require airports to enforce social distancing.

The FAA flight stats for month of may have been released, and as of the month of May, flights aren’t seeing any signs of recovery. The month of April was where the sharp decline in flights ended, with an average of only 680 flights per day out of Atlanta. For reference, April of last year averaged 2,522 flights daily. May showed no improvements with an average of only 607 flights out of Atlanta daily (once again the one year ago average was just above 2500).

Delta Airlines

Delta intends to notify more than 2500 pilots of possible furloughs in the coming weeks, these furloughs will happen after the coronavirus aid package expires on September 30th. Delta has also cut back on scheduling, reducing flights by 70% in April and May. Though other airlines have also been cutting back on flights, Delta’s cutbacks are certainly the steepest.

“We’re going to be a lot smaller coming out of this” – Delta CFO Paul Jacobson

In the News

Delta to emerge a much ‘smaller’ airline from coronavirus crisis

Edward Russell @ The Points Guy

Delta has slashed schedules by 70% in April and May, and is in the process of parking more than 600 of the 1,340 active aircraft it had at the end of December. The reductions are part of an effort to drastically cut costs as revenue plummets amid fears of COVID-19.

Delta Airlines will shrink its european footprint after coronavirus

Edward Russell @ The Points Guy

Delta is already flying a much-reduced international schedule. As of May 27, it only plans to serve nine destinations in Africa, Asia and Europe in June. The airline will offer no flights to Australia or South America.

Your next American flight might be full as airline will no longer block seats in name of social distancing

Dawn Gilbertson @ USA Today

American isn’t the first airline to do so. United and Spirit airlines are among the airline’s already booking flights to capacity. United CEO Scott Kirby has said there’s no such thing as social distancing on a plane.

Southwest, Delta and JetBlue are still blocking middle seats or restricting the number of seats for sale on each flight. Southwest has committed to doing it through Sept. 30, for example.

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