Airline Industry-June 9th

TSA Checkpoint

Since the last report for May 26th, TSA checkpoint numbers have been increasing at the same rate. June 5th was the first day in nearly 3 months that traffic had been over 400,000. Again, based on a linear trend of the current growth, TSA foot traffic will take 156 days to return ½ pre-coronavirus traffic, and 373 to return to full operating capacity pre-coronavirus.

While TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein stated that “There are many changes that passengers will see,” in regard to coronavirus procedures, currently there have been no major changes in checkpoint screening. Some small changes include allowing travelers to wear face masks through the checkpoint, and allowing up to 12oz of hand sanitizer per passenger.

FAA Reports (Updated Monthly)

Average flights for the month of April averaged 680 per day, down 73% from April of last year and down 65% compared to the previous month. When numbers for May come out, expect to see a slow increase in flights, similar to the TSA numbers.

Delta Stock

DAL stock jumped up 35% this past week, from 26.68 to 36.01. This comes after the news that Delta retired its MD-88 and MD-90 jets. Delta’s previous plans were to retain these jets until 2025, however the pandemic urged the company to make these changes much sooner. While some investors do think that leaning their service out during the pandemic is beneficial, others are worried that their decreased fleet and therefore decreased area of operations may provide openings for competitors to capitalize on. While Delta’s stock is rallying, American Airline’s stock is performing even better, up 50% in the past week. While Delta’s strategy focuses on reduction of flights and health, American Airline’s strategy is looking to increase connections and has not implemented any social distancing rules. Only time will tell which strategy comes out on top.

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