Airline Industry-September 8th

TSA Checkpoint (National Data)

A new milestone has been hit this week for passenger throughput this week. The Friday of Labor Day weekend saw the first time TSA traffic had exceed 950,000 passengers since March. 968,673 travelers flew Friday, with a similarly large number on return flights on Monday at 935,308. The daily average for last week was 749,891, also a record. Labor Day is the last major travel holiday until Thanksgiving, and as the summer comes to a close, expect the daily average to decrease.

FAA Traffic (Atlanta Data)

While TSA checkpoint traffic stayed relatively level for the month of July, flights in and out of Atlanta certainly did not. According to the FAA website, for the month of July traffic to and from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport jumped up a staggering 58%. While in the month of June the daily average of planes was 815, July jumped up to 1295 planes per day. This puts the amount of air traffic for the month of July at half of what it was in 2019.

Other large airports (LAX, SLC, JFK) did not receive this massive up tick in traffic that Hartsfield-Jackson did, which is quite surprising, especially considering that passenger traffic did not increase at all through the month of July. One reason for the jump at ATL is that Delta announced at the beginning of July that they would add almost 1,000 flights system wide. A similar jump can be seen in the airports of Florida, suggesting that these new flights were intended for leisure travelers. There isn’t any sort of uptick in any major business hubs in the US.


Delta stock climbed 2% last week, slowly recovering as summer wraps up. Some good news for the industry is that Delta announced in an interview with View From the Wing that there would be no flight attendant layoffs come October 1st.

In the news

Delta Air Lines Says No To Furloughing Flight Attendants

Gary Leff

Delta Air Lines won’t be furloughing any flight attendants this year, even as its largest competitors lay off thousands.

American Airlines is furloughing 8099 flight attendants. United Airlines is furloughing thousands as well.

More than 700 airline passengers banned for refusing to wear masks

Lee Brown

More than 700 airline passengers have been banned from flying on US airlines for refusing to wear masks, according to a report.

Delta Air Lines has been the strictest, putting 270 passengers on its “no fly” list for flouting its mask policy, the Los Angeles Times said — famously including the ex-Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden.

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