Airline Industry-May 26th

Impact on the Georgia Economy


Being the world busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson International is a major factor on Georgia’s economy, bringing in over $30 Billion in direct annual benefits to the immediate Atlanta area, and supplying over 450,000 jobs throughout the Atlanta metro region. It does all this by hosting over 100 Million customers annually, which facilitates business travel, leisure travel, and consequently boosts local businesses. ATL Hartsfield-Jackson estimates that it generates over $70Billion in indirect benefits to the state of Georgia annually.

The airport also supports commerce within itself, offering nearly 400 food, beverage, and retail locations. It has been awarded as the world’s busiest airport for the past 21 years, as the most efficient airport for 14 years in a row, and best airport dining for 5 years in a row. It covers more than 4700 acres in the Atlanta area.

Delta Airlines

Delta airlines is based out of Atlanta and is the largest airline in terms of sales and market cap. It has more than 85,000 employees and 33,000 statewide. It has 800 airplanes housed at ATL Hartsfield-Jackson and serves 68,582,000 passengers annually (72.9% of all passengers at ATL H-J). Of the 2500 flights that leave daily from KATL, roughly 1000 of those are Delta. Delta Mainline aircraft fly to 242 destinations across the globe. ATL H-J facilitates 207 of those nonstop destinations, 60 of those being international destinations. In the year of 2019, Delta reported a revenue of $47 Billion, with a net profit of $4.8Billion. It had a market cap of $38.1 Billion. It owns more than $64 Billion in assets, with $2.88B of that being cash on hand (This has more than doubled in their Q1 earning call).

Delta Stock Price

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