Commercial and residential real estate have been majorly impacted by coronavirus. Because selling, buying, and renting real estate is almost completely done face-to-face, buyers and sellers have had to adapt their traditional practices because of social distancing and shelters in place. Less real estate transactions are being conducted and many people are holding off listing their property because of the unknown future.
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Daily Vacancy Rates

“Metro Atlanta” vs. Atlanta Counties

Because “Metro Atlanta” encompasses such as wide range of counties and cities, I decided to break down the commercial real estate sector by county to get a more specific analysis. I chose to look at Fulton County, Gwinnett County, Cobb County, and Dekalb County. These counties are geographically the closest to the city of Atlanta […]

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Atlanta Retail Square Footage by County

The below charts show the amount of available square feet of retail space for Fulton, Gwinnett, Cobb, and Dekalb Counties for the past 15 years. “Available square feet” in this case means the quantity of square feet available for lease or sale. This does not include any properties that are occupied and are not on […]

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Atlanta Office Square Footage by County

The charts below show the amount of available office space for the four counties in and around Atlanta that I chose to highlight. “Available square footage” means the square footage that is available for lease or sale, not total square footage. Total square footage would include properties that are not for lease or sale, and […]

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Atlanta Office Rent Prices by County

Let’s look at rent prices per square foot for office space in Fulton, Gwinnett, Cobb, and Dekalb counties. Below are charts depicting those regions’ rent prices for the past 20 years. Rent per square foot data from CoStar Group Office rent prices seem to be more erratic than retail rent prices in each county. Though […]

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Atlanta Retail Rent Prices by County

Let’s compare retail rent prices per square foot for Fulton, Gwinnett, Cobb, and Dekalb Counties. The chart for each county is below, followed by an analysis of what this might mean in regards to COVID-19. Rent per square foot data from CoStar Group Though there hasn’t been a drastic change for each county over the […]

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Georgia Real Estate News Update

Click here to read weekly news updates on Georgia real estate. These are titles of articles that give a quick blurb on positive and negative impacts that Covid-19 is having on commercial and residential real estate. Both good and bad news is included as there are aspects of this pandemic that have impacted real estate in a variety of ways.

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Georgia Real Estate June 18

Experts predicted that residential real estate would not be affected as highly as commercial real estate during this pandemic. Analysis of rent prices and vacancy rates for commercial real estate and number of homes and apartments sold/rented for residential has proven this to be true. This is due to the fact that home-buyers cannot postpone […]

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Georgia Real Estate Overview

Commercial Real Estate Coronavirus has had a massive impact on the commercial real estate industry. Tenants who were forced to shut down or greatly reduce their services have lost a large amount of income. This has a negative effect on not only their revenue but also the revenue of their landlords. Rent abatements and deferrals […]

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