Tracking Atlanta Multi Family Real Estate

Daily Updates

The Atlanta multi family sector has seen a softening of trends due to the COVID pandemic. The charts below highlight a few key performance indicators of the multi family real estate in Atlanta. The rent prices decreased and the vacancy rate has increased similarly to the national index. Compared to a year ago, the number of inventory units has increased and units being constructed have decreased. 2019 saw a record number in sales volume as investors from out of state increased transaction activity however, sales have stalled in the recent quarters.

Quarterly Updates

The population growth into Atlanta has increased the demand for apartments. A trend indicating a shift from homeownership to renter households has been recently seen. The construction levels have not been high, limiting supply and providing fewer options for buyers. The sales volume on the chart over the last year can be seen to drop significantly since the beginning of 2020. The transaction activity has almost completely halted. The large number in sales volume in 2019 is mostly in part due to investors from out of state.

All data from CoStar Group

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