Movie Theater Industry October 27 Movie Theaters Movie Theater Foot traffic From September 25th to October 9th, movie theater traffic increased by 1% year over year. However, as all 500 Cineworld locations shut down, expect for the next report for movie theater traffic to decrease again. This, along with more movies being delayed until next year, puts the movie theater industry in a very rough place. In the news How movie theater operators are surviving without new films Sarah Whitten Movie theaters big and small are hauling in less than a quarter of the revenue they were generating last year. For many, bankruptcy looms. The largest cinema chain, AMC Entertainment, and B&B Theatres, the... Read More Restaurant Industry October 27th Restaurants Restaurant Reservations As of this week, restaurant reservations in Georgia are at 69% of what they were one year ago. This is a 10% lead over the national average where restaurant reservations are at 59% yoy. Two weeks ago, Georgia restaurant reservations were 5% lower on average then they are today. Casual Dining, Fast Food, And Bars Over last week, Casual dining traffic was at 76% of last year's traffic. Bars were performing slightly better at 82%. As usual fast food establishments have been unaffected, currently at 103% of last year. In the news Another victim of COVID-19 — association says 30% of GA restaurants... Read More Airline Industry October 27 Airlines TSA Checkpoint traffic (National) An important milestone was hit last week for TSA traffic. For the first time since March, on October 18th, more than one million passengers travelled in a single day. Daily average traffic continues to climb, up 48k over the last two weeks. Average passenger throughput is down 63% over last year. FAA Traffic (Regional) FAA traffic out of ATL is down 3% vs last month and down 39% of what it was last year. A contributing factor for higher air traffic vs passenger traffic is that one of Delta's hubs is out of ATL. Since Delta has continued... Read More Hotel Industry: 10/11-10/17 Hotels Hotel Industry: 10/11-10/17 Hotel Weekly Review Nationally, hotel occupancy was down 33.1% compared to 2019 this week. Atlanta was 3rd out of the 25 biggest lodging markets in the US for the least occupancy rate declines (-29.5%), up from last week’s ranking of 5th out of 25. Nationally, hotel occupancy rates by location deteriorated in all areas compared to last week. The largest occupancy declines were urban (-56.7% YoY occupancy decline) and resort (-44.6% YoY occupancy decline) hotels declining by -7.1% and -7.4% respectively compared to last week. Suburban (-28.8% YoY occupancy decline) and airport (-41.7% YoY occupancy decline) hotels slightly declined... Read More Georgia Sales Tax: September Sales Tax September Sales Tax Overview September Sales Tax Highlights Gross Sales and Use Tax Collections: Increased by 4.2% ($43.8 million) over last year's roughly $1.05 billion in collections.Net Sales and Use Tax: Decreased by -37.3% (-$189.6 million) totaling to $319.2 million for the month  Adjusted Sales Tax Distribution to Local Governments: Increased 45.4% (+$240 million) totaling to $768.3 million for the month. This is due to a one-time adjustment resulting from a series of audits undertaken by the Georgia DoR to assist taxpayers in taking corrective action to re-state their previously incorrect Sales Tax allocations for the period of time under... Read More Public Company Equities Week of October 19-23 Public Companies For the week of October 19-23, the Georgia public firms index rose 0.2% in price since last Friday's close, practically remaining stagnant. The index is up 3.8% YTD. Notably, two of Georgia's public REITs have made the list of the top 5 Worst Performing Firms YTD. Read More Municipal Bonds Week of October 19-23 Municipal Bonds For the week of October 19-23, the index comprising 30 bonds was up 1.2% Year-to-Date, down 0.2 percentage points in this figure since last week. The index has been on a slow decline since its peak in early August. Read More Public Company Equities Week of October 13-16 Public Companies For the week of October 13-16, the Georgia public firms index rose 0.1% in price since last Friday's close, practically remaining stagnant. The index is up 3.6% YTD. Read More

Photo of an undetermined Georgia Tech home game during the 1918 college football season. That's when the sport was hit by the Spanish flu and the end of World War I.

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