Restaurant Industry-Comprehensive Report

A historical context to the current state of the restaurant industry in Georgia. Restaurants make up a very significant portion of the Georgia economy. With more than 18,000 locations, restaurants create 480,000 jobs and generate an estimated $22.9 Billion in sales annually. We’ll cover the state of the industry in Georgia, and walk through every stage of the pandemic as the industry recovered to where it is today.

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Episode 15: Reflections on Testing Positive For & Surviving COVID-19

Alan Yadav, Georgia Tech student and researcher for the COVID-19 Economic Research Team, tested positive for the virus. Reflecting on his personal symptoms, Yadav explains what it’s like to have COVID-19 as a college student and how he got through the sickness with the help and support of family, friends, and the Institute’s surveillance technologies.

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Episode 13: Impact of COVID-19 on Georgia’s Dental Industry

Dr. Bradley Hepler, practicing Dentist and owner of Atlanta Center for Dental Health, discusses the personal impacts COVID has had on his business. Topics highlighted in this discussion include the swift changes that occured in the dental business model amid COVID, how office behaviors and practices have adapted due to these changes, and the impact SBA loans have had on sustaining business. Dr. Hepler also provides an optimistic outlook on the dental industry’s future, post-COVID.

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Movie Industry-September 21st

Movie theater traffic is currently at around 44% of what it was pre-coronavirus. This is up more than 100% from where it was in mid April (20.75% of pre-corona traffic). With larger chain theaters opening up again, expect to see this number slowly increase as people begin to come back out for movies.

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Airline Industry September 21st

TSA Foot traffic is up slightly this week, climbing 2.4% over last week with an increase to the daily average 16,537. Also, another month comes another sharp increase in air traffic through Hartsfield-Jackson Intl. The month of August saw an average daily increase of 20%, or 260 more planes per day.

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Unemployment 9/14-9/18

Total preliminary initial unemployment claims were up 15% from the previous week. This is the first time since July 11th where there has been a weekly increase in the number of new initial claims. The industry with the largest upticks in new claims was Transportation and Warehousing, seeing a 105% increase in new claims, while the Retail Trade industry saw a 55% increase in new weekly initial claims since last week.

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Photo of an undetermined Georgia Tech home game during the 1918 college football season. That's when the sport was hit by the Spanish flu and the end of World War I.

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