Moving more than 2.7 million passengers a day, the airlines are a crucial component of American business. Atlanta houses the world's busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson International, and is a large part of Georgia's economy, supplying over 450,000 jobs and bringing in over $30 Billion in direct annual economic benefits.
TSA Checkpoint Traffic 2019 vs 2020

TSA checkpoint traffic monitors the amount of passengers that travel through all TSA checkpoints in a given day. By April 6th the pandemic had reduced passenger throughput to virtually zero, but it has slowly climbed up over the next few months. That growth seemed to stagnate at the beginning of July as new cases of COVID-19 began to climb again in the US. This data is updated weekly on the website. The days of the week are lined up so that a Monday in 2020 corresponds to the equivalent Monday in 2019.

Flights in and out of Atlanta 2019 vs 2020

Unlike the TSA checkpoint data, which tracks traffic for all airports, this graph tracks airplane traffic in and out of Atlanta. It is generated through monthly traffic reports created by the FAA, consequently it is typically a month behind, giving readers a historic look at the trends of Hartsfield-Jackson International. The days of the week between 2019 and 2020 have been lined up to keep traffic data consistent.

Airline Industry August 10th

TSA checkpoint After more than a month of stagnation with passenger numbers, TSA checkpoint traffic has finally passed another milestone–more than 800k passengers traveled Sunday August 9th. While daily traffic numbers haven’t been this high since March, it is still only 31% of what passenger throughput was a year ago. Average daily throughput increased by […]

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Airline Industry August 3rd

TSA Checkpoint TSA checkpoint traffic is remaining stable around 650k, with the daily average only increasing by 15,493 passengers (from 649k to 664k). It has been one month since traffic peaked at 764k. Since then, the daily average of traffic hasn’t changed significantly from week to week. The flattening of the TSA checkpoint curve coincides […]

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Airlines Industry-July 27th

TSA Checkpoint TSA checkpoint numbers have remained stagnant over the past week. Foot traffic never exceeded 750k, and the weekly average was 18,839 less than it was last week (668K vs. 649k). This marks the first week that the weekly average of passenger throughput has declined in nearly 4 Months.  As the rate of new […]

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Airlines Industry-July 20th

TSA Checkpoint TSA checkpoint numbers have remained stagnant over the past two weeks. Historically, every week has increased the 4-month high by ~100k, however since July 2nd, daily traffic has not exceeded 760k. The plateauing of checkpoint numbers coincides with the rising number of new cases of COVID-19 in the United States. Though the TSA […]

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Airlines Industry-July 13th

TSA Checkpoint With every TSA summary I have written so far, there has been a new traffic high. This week, however, has been the first time the previous week performed better than the current week. The high this week was 755,555—9206 lower than the previous week’s high. While this could just be chalked up to […]

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Airline Industry-July 6th

TSA Checkpoint Another milestone was reached last week; TSA checkpoint traffic exceeded 750k this July 4th holiday week, putting foot traffic through TSA checkpoints at 1/3 of pre corona traffic. At this rate of recovery, derived from a linear regression, expect to see pre-corona levels of traffic in 292 days. Though the TSA announced that […]

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Airline Industry June 29th

TSA Checkpoint TSA Checkpoint numbers are still recovering at a steady rate as more people are beginning to travel this summer. June 22nd was the first day were traffic exceeded 600,000 in more than 3 months. At this rate of recovery, derived from a linear regression, expect to see pre-corona levels of traffic in 299 […]

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Airline Industry June 22nd

TSA Checkpoint TSA checkpoint traffic is nearing a point where it breaks 600k travelers in a day. It averaged 495k travelers last week. While the TSA has announced that they will be rolling out changes to their operation sometime mid-June, there has yet to be an official announcement about the changes. FAA Reports The FAA […]

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Airline Industry June 16th

TSA Checkpoint It seems that every week a new milestone is reached by TSA checkpoint numbers. This week was the first time in 3 months that checkpoint numbers exceeded 500k, maxing out at 544k on June 14th. The trend is remaining relatively constant as well. At this current rate, it will take 151 days to […]

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Airline Industry-June 9th

TSA Checkpoint Since the last report for May 26th, TSA checkpoint numbers have been increasing at the same rate. June 5th was the first day in nearly 3 months that traffic had been over 400,000. Again, based on a linear trend of the current growth, TSA foot traffic will take 156 days to return ½ […]

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